Brand New Eyes


Finally bought Paramore's brand new album, 'Brand New Eyes'. It's not bad. I prefer Riot more. Maybe i am just not used to it yet. I should listen more to it.

I like the butterfly print. It's so pretty. Just it's a lil gay for Josh, Jeremy, Zac and Taylor. Hehe.. I like!

I was craving for Sambal Belacan these past few days as the weather is dropping to 13 degrees celsius, sometime 8 degrees in the morning, and i am still getting used to Fahrenheit. It's super confusing. So why not just stick to celsius huh?
Anyway, really cold. I miss spicy food and all. So i decided to make Sambal Belacan and ABC Soup to warm myself up. :D

Here's the recipe:
Pound the chili padi, as much as you desire, depends on the spicy level of the chili padi too. Like in US, the chili padi, tak pedas, so add banyak banyak.
Mash the belacan about 2 slices of 1cm, with lime juice, sugar and salt. Add both belacan and chili together. Wallla! Pedas pedas sambal belacan!!!

By the way, i forgotten to tell you how silly i was in the last post. I was trying clothes in Forever 21, and i saw a pair of flats is pretty cheap and nice but i'm not allowed to bring into the changing room, so i left it outside the changing room..... and i forgotten to buy. :[

And i forgotten to pay Miley Cyrus's line tank top when i was paying my stuff at Walmart. Haha.. Coz i hung the tank top on my shoulder. Didn't realize until i walk out of the building. Haha.. So blur! Feel so Sandra now.

By the way, i'm trying on Blogo for mac. It's as good as Windows Live Writer, but i have to pay $25 for it. I'm using the free-trial now. Huhuhu.. Everything is so expensive. I am damn broke now..

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