Baby iMac


Wankit & i just had a new baby, named iMac.
I am currently blogging with iMac. I am happy with this gem, of coz, but learning everything all new with Mac OS Snow Leopard is hard.

Plus, i am blogging using in the browser. I miss blogging with Windows Live Writer, which is easier to preview.

Anyone who is using Mac to blog on Blogger, please recommend a suitable software please...

And MSN Messenger. :[ Why cannot webcam one? Have to buy Microsoft Office is it? :[
Damn frustrating using Mac at the first time.

Anyway, on the brighter side, it's stylish and awesome!! And i bought a pair of boots that is sexy!

So happy!

And i bought myself some nice clothes and jeans from F21. :D

I am just too happy today.

Wankit is happy too! He got himself an Oakley Sunnies!

Saw these Prada Sunnies that is so seductive.

But too expensive. Probably get it myself for my birthday present. Haha..
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