“Life is Beautiful”


Remember the beginning of the year, i complied a video of my 2008? I was driving while listening to Vega4 in the car, and it was playing ‘Life is Beautiful’. Reminds me of my video, and some flash back of 2008. What a wonderful year it was..

2009, is almost coming to an end.. What a drastic difference, between 2008 and 2009. I am somewhere so far away from my family and friends, yet so near to the one i love.

2009, is a big change for me. I really miss 2008 alot.. I miss my college mates, i miss the USJ 13 peeps, i miss the RDs and i miss my family + Jillian..

2009 is so much without them. Yet 2009, is so much of being happy with Wankit.

2008 or 2009, i still think life is indeed beautiful no matter what happens. We don’t have to understand, we just need to get through it and enjoy it.

From where i stand today, 2009, is all about building a future, with Wankit.

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