Goodbye 2008. HELLO 2009!



Hey you people,

Happy 2009! I had a great New Year’s eve celebration with my friends.. Actually it’s Chew’s girlfriend’s friends but, it’s nice to know them. They are fun people i must say.

Headed off to Pyramid for Sing K session with Chew, Elaine and Yvonne. :]
It has been a long time since i last sing k, it was December, with my lil JOJO.
Speaking of the devil, she’s been adding strangers like Joshua on Facebook now. Scary lalamui~~

Later on, we headed to 1 Utama for countdown coz there will be a special appearance by Justin Lo, not Jason Lo, Sern, brought to you by DiGi. :]


Had dinner at Nando’s with them while they gave Chean Hui a suprise belated birthday suprise..

Emoed a lil coz was there once with Wankit when it was summer. Really really wished we were with each other, counting down to another wonderful year together..

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Then there was a beautiful fireworks at 1 Utama when the clock strikes 12am on 010109!

HAPPY 2009!!


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Then Justin Lo came out to perform as the fireworks presentation ends.. It was a blast. All the songs are so nice, but i came unprepared with pinyin lyrics on my phone, so can’t sing along with the crowd. :[

But Elaine did some cheerleading stunts in the crowd to take the picture!! Owh! Most of them are cheerleaders, the un-bimbo type.


After Justin’s performance, we didn’t know where to go coz it was fucking jam, so we walked over to The Curve. Along the way, met Tarmizi, the funny guy, i bet he thinks i was Felicia, that’s why he asked where is Dennis. Funny!

The Curve was havoc! Crazy! Messed up!

We settled down in a beach bar with nice music with nobody dancing. Weird. After a Margarita, some of us headed home first..

Overall, it was a nice countdown.


2008 was a wonderful year. Never once i felt so good in a year.

I got a job in a fucked up company that teaches me alot about the working world, let me see alot.

I cried when i’m drunk for the first time, at Mei Hui’s 21st.

I got over the pain that i was deeply cut in 2007.

I started a relationship i never thought it would last, and it’s one of the best relationship i ever had. I hope we can last as long as we both live, coz i am very sure our love for each other won’t die.

I lost my buddy, Ringo, my favourite and only dog.

I reunited with the friends i always knew i would love to be with, Chew, Sern, Long, Dar, Dennis, Feli.. and SSY.

I had the best summer of my life.

I started college and met new bunch of nice friends.

I started working at Starbucks due to financial problem but stayed there due to the love i have in coffee and drinks!

I lived without Wankit for 4 months since he went back to US in August, and we’re still going on strong..

I learned how to be independent from my family, tho i miss them all dearly each day, i remain as strong as i could be.

I had a blessed year!

It’s too hard to explain it in words, let this video summarize my happiness and joy in 2008.

As for 2009, i hope you’re gonna be a better year for me.. No resolutions. Coz i don’t really remember them anyway.

Have a great year everybody!

It's back to college tomorrow! Damn!

Sources: Pictures by Elaine Tee
Video by Melanie Ng

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reshma reshu said...

amazing video..totally moved me..thanx mel for being the sweetest ya..its been great knowing u too and a great year ahead and many coming years to our undescriable friendship k..dont worry i will always be with u through thick and u lotss..cya tom

Melanie said...

thanks resh.. damn college tmr!

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