Sofa King Busy


Currently outside the library. Sofa King pissed with the guy who came and sit on the same table as me when Sandra left. :S WHEN I WAS HAVING AN ARGUEMENT WITH WANKIT! Sofa King pissed!!!

I am so freaking busy this week. I didn’t even spend my cousin’s 21st birthday with her. Damn sad but.. arggh! Life!

I am still pissed with that guy!

Anyway, Jillian Jie Jie, Happy 21st Birthday. Tho i might be able to spend your 21st birthday with you, just want you to know, you are irreplaceable and i still love you as much as i love you when you stuck your toe in my mouth when we were younger. Haha.. Kidding. I still love you.. Hope this 21 digit makes you a better and wiser person than now. And may you always be in the best of health and WEALTH! Let’s spend more time during CNY before the real adulthood starts k?

Hmm.. Just bumped into Jacq while typing these, talked a lil to her.. Felt better now.

Somehow this semester, is rather stressful. Lots of materials to read on, lots of theories from the film and information technologies.. And communication in workplace. To be honest, really feel like giving up this sem.

Sometimes when my mind is wondering around during classes, i can hear her voices.. I can still hear her words of advice and wisdom. Feels unbelievable that she’s no longer with us.. Life’s really short. How should i cherish on what i have while torture myself with college?

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