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Finally! After a sleepless night on Sunday night, coz we’re suppose to get our results on Monday! Kept waking up like every nightmare i had, and check online and see if the results is out or not. Brilliant HELP Uni College delayed our results till Thursday coz of some technical problem. And last night itself, i already had about 5 nightmares!!! Same thing, after every nightmare, woke up, go online, check results, sleep… All the way till 10am when Wankit came back from work. :[

So when the clock strikes 12pm this afternoon, i refreshed the MyPride page and I FINALLY GOT MY RESULTS! The funny thing is, i was jumping for joy that i the results is actually out! I didn’t pay much attention on what i scored. Ha. Anyway, i didn’t do so well. Only 1A,1B- and 2Cs. Not nice.. So now i’m really really trying and praying hard i will be discipline enough to sit down and study hard! Especially for my East Asia Civilization. I hope Miss Yap won’t close down the course, coz the class only got 7 students. Really wanna learn more about East Asia Civilization. And i expect more assignments to roll in. Now that i’m only working lesser days than last sem, i hope i can score well.

By the way, i met this new friend yesterday when i was working. His name is Oreo! Cute huh? He kinda reminds me of my late buddy, Ringo. Just that Oreo is a smaller, cleaner, better looking version of Ringo. :]

07012009(002)  07012009(001)

Really nice meeting Oreo. Made me miss my little Ringo alot..

Wankit said, we’ll have something like Oreo and Ringo in future.

Anyway, i think i better go back to my East Asian Civilization now!

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yvonne* said...


the doggie's real cute.grins.
you'd better keep to your promise and work harder.hehe.
all the best hun! =]

and yeah,i kept having those nightmares
my a levels results will be out in 2 weeks and i'm so nervous i feel like i'm literally falling to bits.

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