Madness (1)


This is a post job entry.

Working at Baskin Robbins was a great experience coz you will feel your thumb, wrist, neck, back, shoulder and legs are breaking! It was fun when we were so busy till time past so fast. The place is so horribly ugly, stinky and messy. If you worked at BR on the 31st, you won't wanna work or buy the ice-cream there anymore. My advice, on 31st, don't buy after 12pm, don't buy the next day's ice cream. It's pure disgusting. Anyway, the good side of workin there besides the attractive pay, is the ice-cream. Christine, Mark and i were testing all of the ice-cream at the end of the day. Hehe.. And my personal favourite flavours are:

  • Jamocca and Almond Fudge
  • Green Tea
  • Strawberry Cheescake Ice Cream
  • Butter Pecan
  • Maple Wallnut

This job is what i called hard earned money man. By the end of the day, i smell like baby's puke(according to Christine), my hair is sticky and ice-creamed + sweats, ice-cream all over your body and shoe and body aching..

This is gonna be my first and last time working at BR. The End.

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Off To Work (0)


I did mention that i'll be working at Baskins Robbins today? Public holiday + 31% off day?! Went for the practise and i never knew scooping ice-cream is this tough! HUHU...
I'm like the slowest to prepare a Quartz. I know, i suck.. But for the sake of $$, what the hell man?!

Wish me luck! 15 hours of shift, here i come~

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I Finally Found It (0)


Bought this key chain in a pair for Wankit and i before he came back from States for summer. I took the white and he took the black. It's a pair of 2 i-dunno-what-you-call-that magneticly hugging together. He kinda asked me do i wanna get something like this before he fly back to Malaysia, but i said it's too cliche coz i wanna suprise him with it. But somehow along the way to KL with him, i lost mine.
So sad. But i finally found it today in my handbag. Now it's attached with my room keys.

I am really glad i found such a guy like him. No one ever make me feel this way before, No one can ever compromise the way he compromise with me, No one ever love me this way before.. He's so close to perfect. Couldn't find a flaws in him. I just wish he ain't that far away from me. This relationship is hard, but only with him i can see a future, so i'm holding on to his no matter what..

Damn neighbour is eating Durian! Makes me miss Wankit even more~~~~
Reminds me of those days, eating Durian almost everyday 1/2 weeks straight.

Sandra took this picture of me at the entrance of college..

College... Talking bout college, pretty worried i might not be able to do well. I find my Microecons lect's accents is so hard to be understood and he's practically sliding the slide show like mad without giving further explanation. WTF?!

Intro to Mass Com's Mid Term Test is on the 13th of next month. Microecons's Quiz is on the 19th of Sept!!! OMG! Am i able to cope college life? I am really having doubts.

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In The Big City (0)


After Mr.Simic's boring class, Christine and i went to the main campus to meet up Ah Long, Chew and Darimi. Then we had lunch before we head to downtown. :D
I love town

Our main objection to KL is to go Low Yatt to do some survey on Chew and Darimi's new desktop. The weather is so hot and sunny! In the car, i was sweating like mad. Plus, we parked at Time Square and we walked over to Low Yatt.

Later on, we still got time before we all head home, so we decided to go to Pavilion since all of us haven't been there before. Just wish Wankit was there with us all. It's a very large mall. Very classy. Don't think i will be able to afford to shop there. Maybe after i marry a rich ass dude. Haha..

After all those tiring walks to Pavilion, we decided to settle down at Wong Kok. I guess we only can afford to drink there without burning our wallet. Besides Wong Kok's got a nice view of KLCC, the only sad thing is, it's not at night. Haha.. Anyway, directed Josh from his workin place to Pavilion. So he joined us later on.

Then thanks to Josh's promised to Shan Yong's Joy, he dragged us to Emerged. Which was very boring except for the cheerleading part. When we're suppose to join hand in hand to pray, i held Shan Yong's and Joshua's hand like i'm holding Wankit's hand. Haha.. I'm suppose to hold their hand, HAND IN HAND. I really miss him~~

The whole night wasn't very good. They practically sang 1 song over and over, and over and over again.. How wonderful.

Wasted my time, could have gone home and study my Microecons and Intro to Mass Com. Mid Term and Quizes is coming soon, like in less than 2 weeks?! WTF?! So damn fast time passed me by since college starts. Gotta study more today to make it up for yesterday's joy and fun.

Sometimes i wonder is it possible to change the way i feel or think? I'm so super sensitive.

[view more pictures HERE]

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Another New Begining (0)


Sandra, Christine & Reshma

Ok.. Here i am again after 3 or 4 blogs. Still blogging. I apologize for closing my previous blog. Was kinda busy with my life until i have no time to blog. But i'm kinda in the mood to blog now.

Well, many things had happened. I had the best summer of my life. Spent almost every single second with my boyfriend before he goes back to States. Now that he's back, i have more time being alone. I miss him alot. Had a hard time being apart from him, but he's always here in my heart.

After he left Malaysia, spent alomst every single day at home, trying to spend more time with my family and my bed. Went out with Hui Ying, Yvonne, Wan Lin and Wan Hui for Redbox. :]
Then finally, time for me to pack my stuff to live another live i always dream to have but kinda think it's a mistake now. I miss home damn much.

Anyway, i'm currently studying in HELP now. Met pretty nice bunch of friends. We all just clique on the 2nd day of orientation. We're all taking almost the same class. So us, there are Sandra, Reshma, Christine, Patricia, Chan(the only guy), Melissa and Ashreena. Had lots of laughters and spend lots of fun fun time together, especially during breaks! We all started goin to Redbox together since the 2nd week of class started. Haih.. They are really nice to hang out and study with. We also met exotic people along the way. There is Andre, the New Zealand-Chinese(i think) guy, who speaks real fast. There is Kuda, from Zimbabwe, which means horse in malay and 'love' in Zimbabwe. Life is fun in college, except for lecturers there. OMG! Mr.Simics is giving us a hell of time in Microecons. He's from Croatia by the way, he's got a real funny accents.
Miss Nik, she's the best "erm.... yew noe" and monotoned lecturer i ever had. The rest of the classes is great.

I'm tring to adapt the life here without Wankit and my family, it's just so hard. I miss home alot.

As for this blog, i will try to blog like how i used to blog. Coz i'm not using broadband now. That's the worst part of college.

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Kids Are So Adorable (0)

Day before yesterday, Sern, Chew, Dar, Long, Venna, Josh and SSY came to my apartment to swim. Unfortunately, i got so excited when they were here till i forgotten to grap my keys which in my room and i locked my room. Yes! I was locked and i don't have spare key. So waited for my landlord to come all the way from her sister's house to open the door for me while the guys are already swiming.. Managed to get out after 30 minutes then went to join the guys at the pool. Had lotsa fun with them, especially the part when Venna got thrown into the pool. :]

Only had 3 hours of sleep last night. Had a lil disagreement with Wankit coz of some miscommunication. I guess he didn't encode properly and i didn't decode correctly.
I'm really lucky i am with such a great great guy. Who never fails to give me happiness each day of my life ever since we got together. I can't write anything mushy here, but what i wanna say is, i love you and i will never regret this.

Jo, Maya & KK
My adorable niece.. Chindian!!
So hard to get her to look at the cam.
Started working at Starbucks today. Didn't learn much but it was less boring than Station 1. Dranks lotsa drinks. :]
Had one with EXTRA whippied cream and EXTRA caramel. HEAVEN!

Just waiting for my hair to dry now and go to bed without talking to Wankit. And go to college and ston. Labels: , , , ,
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