I Finally Found It


Bought this key chain in a pair for Wankit and i before he came back from States for summer. I took the white and he took the black. It's a pair of 2 i-dunno-what-you-call-that magneticly hugging together. He kinda asked me do i wanna get something like this before he fly back to Malaysia, but i said it's too cliche coz i wanna suprise him with it. But somehow along the way to KL with him, i lost mine.
So sad. But i finally found it today in my handbag. Now it's attached with my room keys.

I am really glad i found such a guy like him. No one ever make me feel this way before, No one can ever compromise the way he compromise with me, No one ever love me this way before.. He's so close to perfect. Couldn't find a flaws in him. I just wish he ain't that far away from me. This relationship is hard, but only with him i can see a future, so i'm holding on to his no matter what..

Damn neighbour is eating Durian! Makes me miss Wankit even more~~~~
Reminds me of those days, eating Durian almost everyday 1/2 weeks straight.

Sandra took this picture of me at the entrance of college..

College... Talking bout college, pretty worried i might not be able to do well. I find my Microecons lect's accents is so hard to be understood and he's practically sliding the slide show like mad without giving further explanation. WTF?!

Intro to Mass Com's Mid Term Test is on the 13th of next month. Microecons's Quiz is on the 19th of Sept!!! OMG! Am i able to cope college life? I am really having doubts.

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