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Sandra, Christine & Reshma

Ok.. Here i am again after 3 or 4 blogs. Still blogging. I apologize for closing my previous blog. Was kinda busy with my life until i have no time to blog. But i'm kinda in the mood to blog now.

Well, many things had happened. I had the best summer of my life. Spent almost every single second with my boyfriend before he goes back to States. Now that he's back, i have more time being alone. I miss him alot. Had a hard time being apart from him, but he's always here in my heart.

After he left Malaysia, spent alomst every single day at home, trying to spend more time with my family and my bed. Went out with Hui Ying, Yvonne, Wan Lin and Wan Hui for Redbox. :]
Then finally, time for me to pack my stuff to live another live i always dream to have but kinda think it's a mistake now. I miss home damn much.

Anyway, i'm currently studying in HELP now. Met pretty nice bunch of friends. We all just clique on the 2nd day of orientation. We're all taking almost the same class. So us, there are Sandra, Reshma, Christine, Patricia, Chan(the only guy), Melissa and Ashreena. Had lots of laughters and spend lots of fun fun time together, especially during breaks! We all started goin to Redbox together since the 2nd week of class started. Haih.. They are really nice to hang out and study with. We also met exotic people along the way. There is Andre, the New Zealand-Chinese(i think) guy, who speaks real fast. There is Kuda, from Zimbabwe, which means horse in malay and 'love' in Zimbabwe. Life is fun in college, except for lecturers there. OMG! Mr.Simics is giving us a hell of time in Microecons. He's from Croatia by the way, he's got a real funny accents.
Miss Nik, she's the best "erm.... yew noe" and monotoned lecturer i ever had. The rest of the classes is great.

I'm tring to adapt the life here without Wankit and my family, it's just so hard. I miss home alot.

As for this blog, i will try to blog like how i used to blog. Coz i'm not using broadband now. That's the worst part of college.

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