In The Big City


After Mr.Simic's boring class, Christine and i went to the main campus to meet up Ah Long, Chew and Darimi. Then we had lunch before we head to downtown. :D
I love town

Our main objection to KL is to go Low Yatt to do some survey on Chew and Darimi's new desktop. The weather is so hot and sunny! In the car, i was sweating like mad. Plus, we parked at Time Square and we walked over to Low Yatt.

Later on, we still got time before we all head home, so we decided to go to Pavilion since all of us haven't been there before. Just wish Wankit was there with us all. It's a very large mall. Very classy. Don't think i will be able to afford to shop there. Maybe after i marry a rich ass dude. Haha..

After all those tiring walks to Pavilion, we decided to settle down at Wong Kok. I guess we only can afford to drink there without burning our wallet. Besides Wong Kok's got a nice view of KLCC, the only sad thing is, it's not at night. Haha.. Anyway, directed Josh from his workin place to Pavilion. So he joined us later on.

Then thanks to Josh's promised to Shan Yong's Joy, he dragged us to Emerged. Which was very boring except for the cheerleading part. When we're suppose to join hand in hand to pray, i held Shan Yong's and Joshua's hand like i'm holding Wankit's hand. Haha.. I'm suppose to hold their hand, HAND IN HAND. I really miss him~~

The whole night wasn't very good. They practically sang 1 song over and over, and over and over again.. How wonderful.

Wasted my time, could have gone home and study my Microecons and Intro to Mass Com. Mid Term and Quizes is coming soon, like in less than 2 weeks?! WTF?! So damn fast time passed me by since college starts. Gotta study more today to make it up for yesterday's joy and fun.

Sometimes i wonder is it possible to change the way i feel or think? I'm so super sensitive.

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