Baby Doll by Yves Saint Laurent (5)


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Just bought a new perfume and i am super loving the smell!

Just started work at a Hibachi Restaurant(something like Teppanyaki but way nicer), today is my fourth day. Just like Starbucks, i will first find it very tough and all, but i’m getting better at it. My only problem is memorizing the cocktails and wine, all sorts of weird names. From the first till third day is training, therefore no tips.Today is my 5th day, and i only can get 60% of the tips until the Head(wk’s sis-in-law) raise my pay. :D Soon i hope. I got $33 today. Not bad. I just wish i can get 100% asap!

Co-workers here are ok. Alot of Amigos(Mexicans), which kinda scares me. Hahha.. They look like the Indons in Malaysia, but they are nice(some) and don’t simply rob people. I like my co-workers in another word, especially the Hong Kees, they are hilarious and entertaining and the bartenders, always get free drinks from them. Made nice friends here. Of coz, not as nice as my Thini, Sandra and Christine.

Customers here are great. Very friendly. I think Sandra can make friends with every customers if she’s a waitress here. HAHAHAHA!

I’m fine people. No worries.

Web camed with my granny the other day, she said i lost weight. I told her, “but it’s only been 2 weeks!!”. I did not lose weight. Food here are damn fattening. I rather cook at home.

Do you know some tiny part of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was filmed in Princeton, NJ? I find this arch very familiar when i was watching the movie, and i realized i was there!

140609 088

And my new friend, Rob, the same age bartender, he met Megan Fox in one of the bar in Princeton.

And my experience watching Transformers here is so cool. The whole cinema, did the ‘woot’ thing when Megan Fox first appears. And when the movie ends, the whole cinema applauded. Haha.. I am just wondering, this is only the 2nd sequel, what about Harry Potter? Is anybody gonna applause when Half-blood Prince ends? I wonder…

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My Childhood Idol (2)



Lets put it this way, MJ just elevated yet again. Now he's the
God of Pop!
-Jiuhwei on Twitter-

Saw this news when i was working, 6pm earlier this evening. I was at the bar collecting the liquor for the customers, and i turn my head to CNN in the TV. Definitely a shocking news.

Grew up listening to MJ and hear about him, coz my daddy’s a huge fan of his.


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Hangover (4)


Just came back from The Hangover movie! It is awesome possum darling!

The Rotten Tomatoes, a movie reviews website with podcast, which i love to go and visit whenever i wanna watch a movie, gave it a..


It is good! Funny, HILARIOUS movie! I laughed till the whole auditorium could hear me, even the old indian ah pek laughed. It’s worth watching.

Others upcoming movies i wanna watch is


The trailer seems pretty scary and thrilling too

imageBy Tim Burton! Surprisingly no Johnny Depp in it. But there is Elijah Wood, yeah.. That hobbit dude. Hhahaha.. It seems pretty exciting.


SO fucking scary! Never adopt kids. Just donate money.


I don’t know if it’s as funny as The Hangovers but it’s Adam Sandler. So why not?

The ratings for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen and Year One wasn’t very good. I’ll be watching Transformers tonight, wish me luck! I don’t wanna get disappointed.

Besides crazy deers running around New Jersey’s roads, crazy ducks too! They hang around outside of the cinema!

DSCN0379 DSCN0380

DSCN0381 DSCN0382

Feeling a lil sexy today. I think it’s coz of the weather and the oyster. Took some pictures of myself.






Upon a request from a dear friend, here are some beautiful gifts from my friends.

Jewelry box from my collegemates, you know who you are. And they want Wankit to fill it up for me. Hahha.. A heart warming card comes with it too.

DSCN0394 DSCN0399

Then the USJ 13 mates. They all came except for SSY, the holy one and Ah Long, coz he’s got a job to keep. Hahha.. They gave us a couple tee, our first one, but cannot wear one. :[ With special messages on it, each.

DSCN0400 DSCN0401

DSCN0403 DSCN0404


I miss you all.

I’m starting work tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Beauty of God’s Creation (5)


Been chilling at home, cooking, house chores and so on.. And also following Wk to the field for some sports! And the sky is so beautiful when there is no rain. :D





God’s creation..

Went shopping with my aunt and WK at Jackson’s today. So nice! Lots of branded outlets there, Guess is so cheap, everything is so chepa! Fossil watches are only $29.90, even with 50% off on 2nd pair!! But i didn’t buy. I am aiming on the other design. Bought a wallet from Liz Claiborne for only $7. Anyway, i don’t have to repeat things are so cheap here. I guess i am staying here, you won’t be able to drag me home too.



Too busy shopping, forgotten to take a picture of the outlet there. Haha..

Then we went Princeton for a walk. Been wanting to capture these pictures for long, always pass by but wasn’t able to stop and capture it. So finally,


Sorry Sand, i just think about you when i saw this. But at the brighter note, it’s the largest tomb around the cemetery. Haha… Kidding, at the brighter side at the opposite of the road, i found this.

DSCN0374 It’s a Princeton public library that restricts membership applications from other residents besides Princeton. WTH!

Then saw rainbow outside my house while the boyfriend hit a deer while working with his car. No! Actually, the deer hit my boyfriend’s car. NJ is full of deer. I heard it’s the no.1 cause of road accidents. The deer rolled over the car, then ran away. I hope it’s fine, hope no brain damage or internal bleeding. But my boyfriend’s car got car damage, but it ain’t that serious.





Ahh… Our room need a new speaker. I just found out my American Karaoke PS3 mic can be used on my laptop and it’s super clear! Now i can record songs!

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We’re All Living In Amerika (2)


Bong introduced me this awesome video sometime ago. Haha.. And i feel like listening to it today. Damn rocking cool song!

Just sing to it if you want to!

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Light Up Light Up (5)


She recorded this song for me when i was about to leave Malaysia.

Didn’t really get to listen to it until today.

We webcam.


Did lots of crazy stuff. Like putting eye shadow below her eyes to be like the Cullens, laughing at my sister’s blog, tying our hair like Mulan and other old and crazy stuff. I miss that jie jie. If she was at the airport that day, i will definitely cry like mad. She’s one of the closest people to me.

Listen to her cover of Run by Snow Patrol. I instantly cried when i listen to her words clearly.. So sad.

I'll sing it one last time for you
Then we really have to go
You've been the only thing that's right
In all I've done
And I can barely look at you
But every single time I do
I know we'll make it anywhere
Away from here
Light up, light up
As if you have a choice
Even if you cannot hear my voice
I'll be right beside you dear
Louder louder
And we'll run for our lives
I can hardly speak I understand
Why you can't raise your voice to say
To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do
Light up...
Slower slower
We don't have time for that
All I want is to find an easier way
To get out of our little heads
Have heart my dear
We're bound to be afraid
Even if it's just for a few days
Making up for all this mess

Download Run by Jillian
(right click and save)
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Little Rascals (1)


No Strawberry picking yet, rain, rain, rain and rain. But it’s getting a lil hotter now. Maybe when the real summer’s here.

Cooked Chicken Rice today but it was a disaster! I forgotten to add salt to my rice, as always. Plus, lazy to go buy pandan leaves from Great Wall Mart, an Asian Mart. Didn’t taste as nice as the one that i made in Malaysia. Haha..

Hung out with Wankit’s cousins here a lil. I’ve never met such naughty and scary kids ever. They are 5x hyper than Jillian, non-stop!

Let me introduce, Kevin & Kelly.



Kelly and her BABY! She’s totally obsessed with this baby. She named the baby, ‘she’. Hahha…


Besides them being so naughty and hyper and rough, they actually let me play their Wii. Haha…

“Kevin : Do you wanna play Wii?

Me     : Why you wanna play us?”

Didn’t realize he was talking about Wii. Hahah..

And they are adorable at times. They live in this beautiful house with clean and nice backyard and nice flowers.



My popo would love this.

Anyway, i’m tired.. Gotta sleep now. Wankit’s got game tomorrow morning. So i am ending my post with a lil something for Sand, from a Japanese restaurant i will soon be working at. Haha..


Xtine, yours is a florist by the road. Will try to make a stop and take a shot of it k? Miss you both, and also my family..

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In UK Instead? (3)


My throat is killing me. We had a horrible sore throat, so got ourselves a syrup that is tasteless and it can be mixed with our drinks. Sounds like liquor huh? Hhaa.. It’s so tasteless and so drowsy. Went dead at 11pm. How early.. By the way, i’m over with jet lag.

Woke up in the morning with rain drops sound from outside the window. Was suppose to visit New York but it was raining so we just gotta skip it. So we went bowling, i damn suck here in US. I don’t know why. Haha..

Today’s weather damn suck. It’s like i’m in UK. I am so tempt to wear my new boots that cost only $12.5!! HAHA! SAND IS SO GONNA KILL ME, THINI TOO! But it’s summer, don’t want those ang mohs to laugh at me. HAHAH!

Then we had Mexican Grill for tea break. Dropped by at the games shop and i saw this, and we got THIS!

DSCN0309If only Jillian’s here to play with me. It’ll be super fun. It’s nice.. Maybe i wanna resell it back on E-Bay. Should i sell it or not? The mic can detect your pitch, and you have to sing in the tune that they set. My most ‘geng’ song that got me a Platinum Record is Speed of Sound. Haha.. And Seven Nation Army.

I’m really singing my lungs out now. arghhh!

Maybe strawberry picking tomorrow. Weather seems nice. I need to stop shopping!

I miss mummy and family back there.

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Rutgers University (4)


Today my boyfriend gave me a tour around his campus. Pretty big. Bigger than Subang Jaya. Not as nice as Princeton tho, more modern buildings.

This was at Chili’s yesterday. We shared a meal. Haha.. Portion too big and the waiter too friendly.
It’s so nice to go to Chili’s when you see the price, it’s actually from the range of 8 to 15, unlike in Malaysia, it’s like 32+. Of coz, it’s $ to RM. It feels so nice to see single digit meals.



This is Rutgers’s Football Stadium entrance. Fucking huge! As big as JB’s Soccer Stadium. Haha.. It’s under construction.






Their version of HELP’s RHB Canteen/ E&C.


I had salad after having that unhealthy breakfast.



My $10 Gap flats


Then the boyfriend got some skill to show.



Imma get a pair of running shoes to jog on that track while he play soccer in future. :D. Nice weather and sceneries to jog at. People play sports in that huge field, and jogging track at the side. Puts me in the mood.


I can’t wait to earn some cash! Lots of nice and cheap clothes to buy. I need to buy more jackets and sweaters, it’s cold here tho it’s summer. Arggh!

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