My Childhood Idol



Lets put it this way, MJ just elevated yet again. Now he's the
God of Pop!
-Jiuhwei on Twitter-

Saw this news when i was working, 6pm earlier this evening. I was at the bar collecting the liquor for the customers, and i turn my head to CNN in the TV. Definitely a shocking news.

Grew up listening to MJ and hear about him, coz my daddy’s a huge fan of his.


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Karthini said...

Im so sad that he's gone. He was so misunderstood in but now i hope he finds the peace he's been looking for. He was an amazing person...

reshma reshu said...

hey didnt drop by wish u luck as my internet died on me..but ya hope u doing great n how was work?? fun but im sure tiring la..but as long pay ok ok then stick on long u plan to work???

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