IHOPily Fatty


Just came back from breakfast at IHOP Restaurant(International House of Pancakes). I got the shock of my life! The ham and the sausages are so oily. So i used the serviettes to soak the oil from the meat. And i noticed the black family from the other table are noticing me. Hahha.. Cannot tahan la. But the pancakes are good. :D

People here are overly friendly. I am still trying to get used to it.

Things here are so cheap. I got a pair of Gap Turquoise flats for only $10 and a pair of jeans for $13!! And a sweater from Forever 21 for $13, fury one. :D Wanted to get a pair of boots but i shouldn’t spend so much first until i start work. I guess it’s all from winter, that explains why it’s so cheap. I am still hunting for Crocs shoes but i still can’t get my size. Haha.. Probably get it online.

In case i don’t like it here, please remind me of the cheap clothes here to keep me staying here. Haha.. I am so in love with the clothes here.

Wankit just got an ipod Touch for his birthday and he deleted the picture i took of him with his Touch. haha…

I want one too.

I like this ang moh here. Damn chio!


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Karthini said...

I wish i could go shopping like you too :( I wish i wish! Haha..not gonna happen though i know.

Melanie said...

go earn money, save it.. come here.. then earn and shop more!

wen.yi. said...

hey..when are you going back?
coz i'll be getting 4 complimentary Cedar Point tickets in July.. just asking to see if you want it =)

Melanie said...

thanks... but ohio is a lil too far for me. hhaha.. thanks for the offer anyway. have fun k?

Anonymous said...

I love this sentence of yours "I guess it’s all from winter, that explains why it’s so cheap."
I can soooooooooooo feel it
I mean, they are like putting the things that you really need on sale, and the best is no one's gonna fight for the things with you
Omg so cool can!

Melanie said...

haha.. i can just buy and keep it. it's so cold even it's summer anyway

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