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Just bought a new perfume and i am super loving the smell!

Just started work at a Hibachi Restaurant(something like Teppanyaki but way nicer), today is my fourth day. Just like Starbucks, i will first find it very tough and all, but i’m getting better at it. My only problem is memorizing the cocktails and wine, all sorts of weird names. From the first till third day is training, therefore no tips.Today is my 5th day, and i only can get 60% of the tips until the Head(wk’s sis-in-law) raise my pay. :D Soon i hope. I got $33 today. Not bad. I just wish i can get 100% asap!

Co-workers here are ok. Alot of Amigos(Mexicans), which kinda scares me. Hahha.. They look like the Indons in Malaysia, but they are nice(some) and don’t simply rob people. I like my co-workers in another word, especially the Hong Kees, they are hilarious and entertaining and the bartenders, always get free drinks from them. Made nice friends here. Of coz, not as nice as my Thini, Sandra and Christine.

Customers here are great. Very friendly. I think Sandra can make friends with every customers if she’s a waitress here. HAHAHAHA!

I’m fine people. No worries.

Web camed with my granny the other day, she said i lost weight. I told her, “but it’s only been 2 weeks!!”. I did not lose weight. Food here are damn fattening. I rather cook at home.

Do you know some tiny part of Transformers Revenge of the Fallen was filmed in Princeton, NJ? I find this arch very familiar when i was watching the movie, and i realized i was there!

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And my new friend, Rob, the same age bartender, he met Megan Fox in one of the bar in Princeton.

And my experience watching Transformers here is so cool. The whole cinema, did the ‘woot’ thing when Megan Fox first appears. And when the movie ends, the whole cinema applauded. Haha.. I am just wondering, this is only the 2nd sequel, what about Harry Potter? Is anybody gonna applause when Half-blood Prince ends? I wonder…

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Anonymous said...

hahaah wah damn cool man u earning so much edi =) super fun la but make sure save up n dont spend to save to study edi la...wah n someone new perfume somemore =)anyways great that u having fun =) miss ya *winks* <3-resh-

Karthini said...

Hey! You lok nice in the pic. Love your hair! and its nice to hear you're making new friends and enjoying work. Told you, you wouldnt have a problem. You always find ways to adjust to the surroundings no matter where you are. Thats a very good quality. Keep it up! :)

Christine said...

mellll!!! i've got the same perfume as you!!! :D my grandma bought me the babydoll -ysl from aus!!! anyways, i miss youuu.... hahahaha! and someone is getting hotter by the day! :D

Anonymous said...

I thought you decided not to spend anymore!?!
By the way, thanks for the constant compliments!
Love youuuuuuuu!!

Melanie said...

Resh : i am having fun. i hope u will do well in ur finals k? u study too..

Xtine : I love this smell

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