A Pleasant Summer


Went out of the civilization on Wednesday night to a holiday retreat with my mates and my love one. The journey there was tiring. Should have taken the plane there. That night was UEFA’s finals and i guess i had the best updater of the match, thanks to Jacqueline, reporting live from McD Pusat Bandar Damansara.

The trip was nice. Relaxing except for the part where the fishes are swimming with me during the snorkeling. I hate living fishes. The corals are amazing but it’s not the best, it’s dying.. I love the adventurous feeling, the feeling of floating in the surface of the ocean with crazy fishes swimming below you. But i just hate hate hate the feeling of feeling those fishes.


Throughout the journey there, these two pretended they were the drivers coz they were sitting in front, it’s a double decker bus.







Then we stopped at Terengganu's China Town



45 minutes on the boat to Redang



The ultimate beautiful crystal clear water upon arriving





The boys ditched us for sports, except for Dar, he accompanied Eliza for strolling. *hurmp


This is to all the single ladies out there!
Even if you’re single, you can fit into this frame like me too.





Thanks to Eliza’s help on the sarong! Damn nice!




The trip was fine. Except for the resort,
REDANG HOLIDAY RESORT, never go to that resort. Everything was ok, except for the management. On Friday afternoon, the Royal Marine Polis did a spot check and our resort’s boat was arrested due to overloaded passengers. Supposingly we are suppose to have the last day in the resort until 9am, but due to this problem, they asked us all to wake up 5am in the morning to catch the 6am ferry with other resort’s customer, like an illegal immigrant.

So after finishing a bottle of whisky the night before, we woke up 5am in the morning and planned to leave the place. So we walked all the way to Redang Beach resort(damn far away from ours), took the ferry to another jetty for an interchange, but we aren’t allow to change to the other ferry coz our resort didn’t book the ferry for us! So we took the same ferry, back to the resort. Owh fuck! Wasted our time and energy!

So we argued and argued with the manager. The manager admitted it was their fault for not confirming the reservation of the ferry well, but he’s not in the position to refund our lost. So after we reach the town, we went to the office to request for refund. OMG! They don’t know the basics of customer service. They interrupt you, they raise their voice to you, they don’t listen and they never apologize for their bad management of the ferry.

Just never ever go to that resort or you will ruin your trip.

Other than that, it was a great trip. Really relaxing… No sun burn tho, Kit and i applied 130spf on the 1st layer, then 50spf on the second layer. So that makes it 180sph altogether. :] I was pretty obsessed with sun tanning and getting the perfect glow but no changes. Haha.. I love the sun!



Successfully planned a birthday surprise last night with the mates. Was bloody nervous that the plan might fail like last year, but it didn’t. He did not suspect anything.. Too bad i don’t have any pictures of that. It’s all with Elaine.

I wanna thank all the guys and Elaine for the help.

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