In UK Instead?


My throat is killing me. We had a horrible sore throat, so got ourselves a syrup that is tasteless and it can be mixed with our drinks. Sounds like liquor huh? Hhaa.. It’s so tasteless and so drowsy. Went dead at 11pm. How early.. By the way, i’m over with jet lag.

Woke up in the morning with rain drops sound from outside the window. Was suppose to visit New York but it was raining so we just gotta skip it. So we went bowling, i damn suck here in US. I don’t know why. Haha..

Today’s weather damn suck. It’s like i’m in UK. I am so tempt to wear my new boots that cost only $12.5!! HAHA! SAND IS SO GONNA KILL ME, THINI TOO! But it’s summer, don’t want those ang mohs to laugh at me. HAHAH!

Then we had Mexican Grill for tea break. Dropped by at the games shop and i saw this, and we got THIS!

DSCN0309If only Jillian’s here to play with me. It’ll be super fun. It’s nice.. Maybe i wanna resell it back on E-Bay. Should i sell it or not? The mic can detect your pitch, and you have to sing in the tune that they set. My most ‘geng’ song that got me a Platinum Record is Speed of Sound. Haha.. And Seven Nation Army.

I’m really singing my lungs out now. arghhh!

Maybe strawberry picking tomorrow. Weather seems nice. I need to stop shopping!

I miss mummy and family back there.

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Karthini said...

You're singing your lungs out with that game!!! wonder you have a sore throat! Haha...

Strawberry picking huh? That sounds nice. I did it in Cameron Highlands surrounded by Bangladeshi workers. Lol...where are you doing it there?

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg mel u shopping like mad k...n the boots not suppose to buy rite..chill la..u got so many more years there la..seems like u doing everything in one week then later u will be dead bored as nothing will be exciting anymore la...u say oni cheap like $10 / $12.50 but its times 3 la ...n ya i have played that singing game too under PS2 frm my cousins studying in UK that brought it down during hols..damn fun can sing sing =)-resh-

Sandra said...

Anyway Smelly, I miss you and I wish I could talk to you online more or something but ASSIGNMENTS ARE THE KILLER!!!
Eh yeah you can sell on eBay man!
How much you bought it?
Sounds cool man that thing
I buy from you can?
Hahahaha BUT I CAN'T SING!!!

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