Rutgers University


Today my boyfriend gave me a tour around his campus. Pretty big. Bigger than Subang Jaya. Not as nice as Princeton tho, more modern buildings.

This was at Chili’s yesterday. We shared a meal. Haha.. Portion too big and the waiter too friendly.
It’s so nice to go to Chili’s when you see the price, it’s actually from the range of 8 to 15, unlike in Malaysia, it’s like 32+. Of coz, it’s $ to RM. It feels so nice to see single digit meals.



This is Rutgers’s Football Stadium entrance. Fucking huge! As big as JB’s Soccer Stadium. Haha.. It’s under construction.






Their version of HELP’s RHB Canteen/ E&C.


I had salad after having that unhealthy breakfast.



My $10 Gap flats


Then the boyfriend got some skill to show.



Imma get a pair of running shoes to jog on that track while he play soccer in future. :D. Nice weather and sceneries to jog at. People play sports in that huge field, and jogging track at the side. Puts me in the mood.


I can’t wait to earn some cash! Lots of nice and cheap clothes to buy. I need to buy more jackets and sweaters, it’s cold here tho it’s summer. Arggh!

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4 Responses:

Anonymous said...

omg omg mel im so bloody jealous man..u having so much fun la n ya the shopping so fun man..i oso want =( what are ur plans when wk starts uni back in aug?? can get jobs easily meh??? resh

Melanie said...

If you have the will, there is always a way to find a job.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd!
You're seriously tempting me with all the shopping thrills there
Can I hate you?
Just give me the green light and it will easily be done - hating you (because I'm half way there already hahahaha)
Anyway, you better not come back so soon!
You can only come back after you get your degree from there okay!
You're not welcomed in the mean time!!!

Melanie said...

i miss u sand

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