Beauty of God’s Creation


Been chilling at home, cooking, house chores and so on.. And also following Wk to the field for some sports! And the sky is so beautiful when there is no rain. :D





God’s creation..

Went shopping with my aunt and WK at Jackson’s today. So nice! Lots of branded outlets there, Guess is so cheap, everything is so chepa! Fossil watches are only $29.90, even with 50% off on 2nd pair!! But i didn’t buy. I am aiming on the other design. Bought a wallet from Liz Claiborne for only $7. Anyway, i don’t have to repeat things are so cheap here. I guess i am staying here, you won’t be able to drag me home too.



Too busy shopping, forgotten to take a picture of the outlet there. Haha..

Then we went Princeton for a walk. Been wanting to capture these pictures for long, always pass by but wasn’t able to stop and capture it. So finally,


Sorry Sand, i just think about you when i saw this. But at the brighter note, it’s the largest tomb around the cemetery. Haha… Kidding, at the brighter side at the opposite of the road, i found this.

DSCN0374 It’s a Princeton public library that restricts membership applications from other residents besides Princeton. WTH!

Then saw rainbow outside my house while the boyfriend hit a deer while working with his car. No! Actually, the deer hit my boyfriend’s car. NJ is full of deer. I heard it’s the no.1 cause of road accidents. The deer rolled over the car, then ran away. I hope it’s fine, hope no brain damage or internal bleeding. But my boyfriend’s car got car damage, but it ain’t that serious.





Ahh… Our room need a new speaker. I just found out my American Karaoke PS3 mic can be used on my laptop and it’s super clear! Now i can record songs!

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5 Responses:

JillySilly said...

nice pic on the grass hehe

Karthini said...

Hah! You were so busy shopping till you forgot to take pics of the place???? Oh jeez! Now i'm SUPER jealous too after you've stated the prices of all the things you bought!!!


And yeah, i hope the dear is fine too. I've heard too that NJ is full of them!

Anonymous said...

My "name" carved on a stone
A tomb stone!
You sure it's someone's tomb stone?
Or maybe it's just a sign board kinda thing?
I'm SO showing my mom this
You know, my mom reads your blog but not mine (good also lar haha)
And she said she left a comment somewhere but since she's like partially computer illiterate, she doesn't know where she commented and actually, I think her comment didn't go through hahahaha

Anonymous said...

By the way, RIP to the deer if the fella really got internal bleeding hahaha
You know what Nelson answered the lecturer when asked what does PhD stands for?

Melanie said...

Jill : Thanks.

Thini : Dun be jealous, i didn't shop that much either. Observe the rice first.

Sand : OF COZ NOT SIGN BOARD LA. can u like plz update ur blog so ur mummy wudn be bored with urs? hahhaa.. Nel damn funny la.. I hope the deer is fine too. poor thing

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