Little Rascals


No Strawberry picking yet, rain, rain, rain and rain. But it’s getting a lil hotter now. Maybe when the real summer’s here.

Cooked Chicken Rice today but it was a disaster! I forgotten to add salt to my rice, as always. Plus, lazy to go buy pandan leaves from Great Wall Mart, an Asian Mart. Didn’t taste as nice as the one that i made in Malaysia. Haha..

Hung out with Wankit’s cousins here a lil. I’ve never met such naughty and scary kids ever. They are 5x hyper than Jillian, non-stop!

Let me introduce, Kevin & Kelly.



Kelly and her BABY! She’s totally obsessed with this baby. She named the baby, ‘she’. Hahha…


Besides them being so naughty and hyper and rough, they actually let me play their Wii. Haha…

“Kevin : Do you wanna play Wii?

Me     : Why you wanna play us?”

Didn’t realize he was talking about Wii. Hahah..

And they are adorable at times. They live in this beautiful house with clean and nice backyard and nice flowers.



My popo would love this.

Anyway, i’m tired.. Gotta sleep now. Wankit’s got game tomorrow morning. So i am ending my post with a lil something for Sand, from a Japanese restaurant i will soon be working at. Haha..


Xtine, yours is a florist by the road. Will try to make a stop and take a shot of it k? Miss you both, and also my family..

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Anonymous said...

Awww Mel!
I bet you'll be seeing more of Sand Hills Road once you start working hahaha
Funny lar you

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