Restricted Voice


It’s getting hotter now. Summer is so hot. But i like it compare to being cold.

I am so restricted to do things i used to love here. Like singing out loud. I can’t even record songs even with the best mic from the American Idol PS3, coz my Audacity software is so fucked. Damn lag. :(
Any other software Jill?

Can i say i really really miss Redbox very much?

I miss listening my voice echo the whole room. I miss singing out loud!! GOD!

At least i got a good speaker in my room now, i can listen to my music.

Anyway, work’s cool. I begin to hate indians here. They are super cheap. They only gave me $16 tips on a $158 check. WTF?!

I had been having nightmares ever since i started work. I will dream of how to get that order from the kitchen to the customer when i am on my bed. I will wake up about 4 times per night thinking how i’m gonna get that order to the customer. Lolx… Finally it stopped.


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kod ekle said...

Yes..Weather's very hot.Greetings from Turkey.Have a nice day.

Karthini said...

Well, it is the summer and i heard the temperatures really can soar! And you were having nightmares about your orders? haha...good that they've stopped...

And about those cheap Indians, pay them no attention. The ones living there somehow think they are better than everybody else :P

Anonymous said...

Your dreams arrr
Also, Indians so kiam siap?
Worse than me?
I think I give even less man hehe

Melanie said...

Thini : One thing i like about these indians is, they reminds me of u.

Sand : They are worst than u! They don't appreciate people's effort, at least u do. I miss u, thing!

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