Gone Too Soon


I missed the Michael Jackson’s Memorial service on CNN. Was out with the boyfriend to run some errands. Managed to catch some scenes at Applebees during lunch time. Something that amazed me after his death is, people who turn their heads away from him because of his was sued for molesting kids, actually downloading and starting to appreciate his work. Well, it kinda irritated me too.
Why? Is it because the fans from around the world is grieving over his death and you’re just following the trend? Or they just realized he made good music and he is really a talented man?

I remember ever since he was sued, i told people i like MJ’s music, people just give me the ‘ew’ face and somehow despise the fact that i like a ‘pedophile’. I am just wondering why are these people feeling sad now.

I can’t believed few months ago i was so excited that he’s having his final show, and got all disappointed that it’s all in UK, and i signed up for the newsletter online, incase he decided to have some show in US. Now that he’s gone, i hope he’s music and work will live with us forever.

So, do you think Madonna or Mariah Carey is gonna die soon? Mariah’s too fat, she might have heart attack and Madonna is working out too much. So what do you think?

Anyway, i made a successful Mee Siam today for breakfast for the family. :D
And they like it.

I’ve been having weird dreams ever since i started work. I will sit up in the middle of the night, mumbling about something and i will wake WK up. Hahah.. Actually i was dreaming about taking orders and etc about work. Pretty scary huh? I was so excited last night that i didn’t have any dream and sleep talking cum action, so i told Wk’s bro’s fiancé, Fiona, happily that i didn’t have any nightmares. Unfortunately, WK told me i sit up again in the middle of the night, so he asked me to go back and sleep, after i told Fiona. I told him “I’m serious this time”. Poor WK.


Had a dinner date at Princeton tonight. Then a stroll around the campus. It was pretty chilly tonight, should have brought my jacket.

Good night. Hope no nightmare tonight.

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Karthini said...

People gave me the "ew" face too when i listened to his songs before. The many people who hated him now download his stuff and feel sad. They're hypocrites. Thats all they are. The poor man was too gentle and good hearted to live on this mean planet where the human race is just vicious. I hope he finds peace now wherever he is. I still get hurt when i read all the insensitive comments on YouTube. People are just so fucked up...

Besides that, You made Mee Siam! Lol...looks tasty enough. Too bad i'm on a whole other continent..

Jade Chong said...

hey mel!
i have been away from your blog for ages!
omg u moved to the states? Are u studying there?
u and your bf look so cute together!

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