He Holds The Key To My Heart


Alright. Yesterday was my day off. I cooked Chicken Porridge but apparently the Chow family does not appreciate the tasteness of porridge. My i was craving for it, especially Peng Ee’s.

Then after Wankit came back from class, we went to the mall and i shopped in F21!!! Awesome! Haha…

I found these pictures in my phone, so post it up for y’all to see i’m still fine.



This indian kid is so adorable, he’s super friendly to me and hi-5ed me when i was beside him taking order.


So tempted to buy HbP’s PS3 game which cost $49.90! It’s the same price as the American Idol game, but at least AI comes with a mic. Maybe i’ll do some hunting on e-Bay.



Never buy Italian Ice-creams that comes by your door step. Super not nice. And they play sad songs like Popeye The Sailorman



This is for Sand. Yes! Target is 5 minutes drive from my place and it’s full of indians coz it’s cheap. Hahaha.. Went there to buy some bras.

Made Steak for dinner right after Gym with our personal trainer, Chris. He’s a pusher and real funny and friendly. My legs are killing me btw, so he’s good.

Then we rushed out for Ice Age 3, in 3D! It was real fun but the screen is kinda small, so that’s a lil potong steam.


Toi tois are clean here Elaine!



IMG00018-20090714-2123 Alright, gtg to work now. And HbP tonight. I love Wankit Chow for every single reason!

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Karthini said...

I have to say this, you do not look fine to me. You look dead tired! Try getting good sleep Mel.

Oh and have fun with HBP!!! :)

agapefiona said...

ermm..mel..not like we dun appreciate..it's js me and wansang chow..me no likey cuz..i need to eat porridge every signle day when i'm sick until i'm recover..and wansang chow doesn't like it because..he needs energy at work..porridge is not filling...opsie..

Elaine said...

Aww.. me likey clean toitoi~

sandrawong said...

What for me?!
I see those US magazines eh, a lot of things from Target!
I think I would like it there
Target I mean

Melanie said...

Fiona : nvm. next time i cook my share only. HAHA! and cook more energy booster bfast for u all.

Elaine : all toitois here clean clean

Sand : yeah! got $1 section, so you. damn lots of indians la here. i think they can b ur best friend

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