You Make Me Crazier


This is a magical song. Randomly played it and magic happened. He’s always so sweet to me even if i am mean to him. Hhaha.. Which makes me crazier. It’s crazy enough to leave my family coz of him, well, partly coz of studies too.

At hard times like this, he’s always there to support me and give me the strength to fight for my dream.

I miss my old lady and my old old lady. I wish i could take care of them, but i only can hope and pray my sister will take over my job for a few years for me. Haih.. Words just can’t explain how i feel now. Life..

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sandrawong said...

Yeah I still can't believe you left everything here for him =(
You crazy woman!!

Anonymous said...

u did what ur heart said was right =) so no regrets n just go on being happy n dont worry about ur family, im sure ur sis is doing great with them =) u just be happy n everythings gonna just fit in fine =) -resh-

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