I’ve been the weirdest girl on planet Earth for not liking Strawberry. I think it’s so sour and sweet that i don’t like torturing myself with. I never like Strawberry flavors too, until Haagen Daaz.


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Nah, he don’t really take Strawberry, but he LOVES Chocolate. OMG! I never tasted anything like this before. So nice! :D I am so addicted to it.

I’ve been having dreams and sleep talk about work. Every night different dialogue. Whenever WK tells his experiences to the family, it’s a laugh to all. Haha.. I was quite worried for myself coz of the amount of pressure i gave to myself each day, but i’m quite immune to it now, it’s only WK, that have to bare with it every single night. Thank God i have no sleep walking.

The thing here in America, when you need to communicate with them everyday, they can’t really understand my kind of English and i totally detest their ‘slang’. I think they all sound so shallow speaking in their accent, like those dumb blondes, i think all of them speak like that. Unfortunately, i have to speak like that too to get them to get me. Not just that, my colleagues are mostly Hong Kies and i have to speak the Hong Kong style like, ‘bus-sie’ and ‘tax-sie’, coz my cantonese ain’t that good. Then come back home le, i gotta speak the Malaysian way to the family. Imagine the different kind of accents i have to speak here.

My friend Melica bakes good New York Cheesecake. YUMMY!

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Christine said...

poor girl.... at least you're starting to enjoy strawberry flavored ice cream now! :) hee..

Anonymous said...

now ur feeling me mel..i dun wan2 be pictured as a snob american-wannabe-who-been-there-for-a-year.Basically, i'm more confused now because i'm working with u and "them".So now my accent has gone MAD!!!thanks to manglish!

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