Free Pastry Day!

Got up early and follow to Wankit's college so i could get some free pastries from Starbucks. It's a rainny day today. :( No sun for me to sun tan on my day off. Been sun tanning on Sunday, the sun is so strong and nice, i was red. I love the sun!

But the weather forecast reported it's gonna be raining for the next 10 days. I got the sudden urge to get Pua Chu Kang Boots like these :

Pretty huh? It can keep my feet as dry as possible. Unlike my pumps, it's drenched now. Don't have to say, if i wear my Converse shoe, i would probably trip when i am walking under the rain.

Here i am, sitting alone at Wankit's college campus lab blogging with a cuppa Grande Soy Green Tea Latte and my pumps drenched.

Mummy asked me why i haven't been blogging lately. Coz i was too busy with work and keeping Chow Wankit full and my room clean.

I miss you, mummy.

Half an hour of intensive Gym trainning with Chris later! Woot! That's how Wankit and i date.

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Anonymous said...

love love the phua chu kang boots..the red one especially =) n someone's been working out..coolness =)im eating n getting fatter oni la..-resh-

Anonymous said...

your make up and expression in the last picture looks a bit like posh spice!

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