Things I Miss


Well, besides my family. I miss my 2 close friends that i used to have in college. They are currently having a print screen craze. :(



I miss them can?

I wish i got someone to gila with here. That’s when i really really miss them.

By the way, Cover Girl’s mascara is GOOD!


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Anonymous said...

u knw y u keep on craving for all kinds of food..coz u dont eat proper food..whole life maggi oni..plz spent wisely but eat properly la..u know i wish its not exams now and mum let me go out..i sure bring u dinner edi la..after exams k i bring u k..

--i wrote this on one of ur post last time..super funny man to read it back again ..haha =) n ya just came to say miss u lotss too *sob sob* --resh--

Sandra said...

Awww Meh-nini =(
I can easily get an award for coming up with nicknames for people randomly man
Don't lah like thaaaaaaaat
You make me feel so bad for not following you to the US HAHAHAHAHA
Eh yeah
I read a review, there's one orange colour Cover Girl mascara is really good!
There's another one from Maybelline, green cap, pink body one, called Great Lash
Not available in Msia
Should try those two out
Btw, last night I had a dream you came back to Msia
I was so angry you didn't tell me earlier so I could ask you to help me buy things =p

Christine said...

awww, mellll! miss you too! i actually have got lotsa stuff to update you with! and i wanna go shopping with you la! and i wish you were in the states just for a holiday trip, so that you come back, we can plan to dress up to college on certain days haha!

pls update more!

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