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4th July! America’s independence Day!

Public holiday for all. So the family planned a trip together coz we hardly got the chance to spend time together. So we decided to go to New York for a Malaysian breakfast. I had Asam Laksa, of coz not as nice as the one at Jonker Street, it was acceptable. Surprisingly the Char Siew was good, Wankit had Wanton Mee, and it was nice, tho i don’t like the black sauce.

4th July 015-1

4th July 016

4th July 017

Don’t really like it there, New Jersey is much more cleaner. Will explore there one day when i am free.

Then we headed to Essex County, NJ to visit a zoo there. It’s a small zoo, nothing like Spore Safari.

4th July 125

4th July 021

4th July 029 Then we saw an extremely huge and fat pig that can barely move! It’s crazily huge!

4th July 043

4th July 049

4th July 045

The little rascals

4th July 022

4th July 065

4th July 072

4th July 074

4th July 075

4th July 078

4th July 084

4th July 082

4th July 091

It was fun and tiring. Makes me miss my family too. :[
Luckily i have WK’s family here too.

We headed to Old English Town for lunch. Then went back home and prepare for BBQ party with the family.

4th July 094

4th July 095

4th July 098

My man doing this thing

4th July 099

4th July 104

BBQ under the clear blue sky

4th July 105

4th July 112

Later on, appear another beautiful sky.

4th July 118

Did i ever mention that outside my house, there are alot of fireflies? I never seen fireflies before, and now i get to see it every night. Haha.. It is beautiful. But i am bored of it de.

4th July 124

4th July 123

Long day.. Another day just passed. I’m not working tomorrow. :D Rest more.
The job is getting easier.

I am missing my friends and family in Malaysia now. I wish i can bring all of them to US, it’s great here and i like it here. Life is much better here.

I just signed up for gym here, only $20 per month. Hopefully i won’t turn into a fat ass like most of the Americans here. HAHAH…. I am just looking for the motivation to work out more.

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4 Responses:

sandrawong said...

That pig looks like me, currently
I don't wanna study for examssss!
And! omg NY!!!
Btw, the picture of you with the peacock very funny haha
Oh and that other girl is WK's bro's gf or something?
She's quite pretty too (but I think you better lar haha)
Anyway,I will definitely go find you when I got $$$ okay!
If possible it'd be awesome to migrate away from Malaysia
US could be on my list of the countries I would migrate to
Though it's kinda far
Anyway, Resh and I will Skype with you once our finals' over okay

Anonymous said...

Hi there !

I'm one of your blog readers but we don't know each other personally :)
but if i may, i'd like to ask why did you move to the US ?
I hope i'm not prodding.

Melanie said...

Sand : good luck in exam yea? that girl is wk's bro's fiance, Fiona. and u will love it here, coz it is u. they are all so u. hhaha.. u know what i mean.

Anonymous : i'm here to further my studies and also for my boyfriend

Patricia said...

Hello mel, glad that ure enjoying urself in US! All the best yea! :D

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