Fluff and Drama


I had been very busy and tired lately. Last Tuesday went out to Pyramid to meet Chew King, Su-Lyn, Rachael, Wenyi and Wei Wen. Then we all ended up playing with dogs at a pet shop name Fluff in NZX when i was giving them a tour there. We had so much fun playing with the dogs. There is this dog i love the most, she’s the shop owner’s adopted dog. She’s such a stoner. She hardly move, she walk away when there is a dog fight, yeah, she don’t get involve. But she’s got heart problem. Poor thing huh? She’s damn cool. Stone!

This is my favorite dog.. The stonner.13012009(001)

This is Flat face. His face super flat. 13012009(002) 13012009(003) 13012009(004) 13012009(005) Su-lyn with the dog.. Obviously stonner doesn’t like her.13012009(006) 13012009(007) 13012009(008) 13012009(009) 13012009(010)

This is the expression that stonner gave when Su-lyn was carrying her. lolx.. 13012009(011) 13012009(012) 13012009(013) 13012009(014) 13012009(015) 13012009(016) 13012009(017) 13012009(018) 13012009(019) 13012009(020) 13012009(021) 13012009(022) 13012009(023) 13012009 I also realized the advice that i gave my friend, out of concern and care, is actually not appreciated. I was bad-mouthed instead.. Disappointed. I just couldn’t believe until today, she still thinks she’s right.

Anyway, been super busy these few days. Wednesdays are suppose to be my chill day. But since i HAVE to take Moral studies, i gotta come for 1 class on wednesday 8am in the morning. Then work at night. :[ Busy.

And it is so impossible to get my Communication in Workplace text books. So pissed. But i manage to photocopy my Info Tech book. Tried to read a few pages, but i don’t seem to get it. lolx..

Most of us in The Movies class was sniffing away to ‘Cinema Paradiso’.

CinemaParadiso It’s an Italian movie that was filmed in 1988 about a famous director going back to the memory lane since his childhood life. It’s a very sentimental with comedy, plus few pornographic scenes movie. Very interesting. Very touching. Made Christine and i cried for sure.

OK. I gotta sleep. Damn tired..

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