America’s First Zoo


The whole family had their day off today. So we headed to the zoo! Yea, again..
I don’t mind, coz i love animals. They are so amazing. Although i was still scared and a little terrified by the haunting video on Youtube of the Singapore Zoo White Tiger eating a man.

We visited the first American Zoo in Philadelphia today.

zoo 004

This monkey is so adorable

zoo 015

Before i snap the picture, it was covering it’s face with his hand. I guess it didn’t know where to go and it was thinking, “alamak, use which branch ah?”.

zoo 016

Then there is the souvenir, it transform your penny into this awesome souvenir. Cheap and memorable.

zoo 072

zoo 040

zoo 051

Haha.. Moo.. Reminds me of my mummy.

zoo 097

Tigers! No White Tigers tho..

zoo 082

zoo 090 

Flamingoes just reminds us of Wern Sern.

zoo 117

That’s how they sleep.

zoo 116

zoo 110 

zoo 111 

Ah.. For more pictures, visit HERE!

I am gonna hit the sheets. I’m dead tired.

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