Ok. I am seriously very stressed but don’t know how to deal with it. Lots of things happened lately. Mostly, got nothing to do with me. But, it effected me so much that i have to care. These are the things:

      • Poor W, got hurt so badly by a used-to-be-friend, V coz she’s got another man in her life, called V too.. I feel so bad. Shouldn’t have let W know V.
      • DBKL’s dog cruelty is too much. Dragged the dogs with robe on their neck and break it till they are dead?!! I thought they have drugs to put them to sleep!! I can’t help but to imagine how they put my Ringo to sleep.. Fucking emo!
      • Mummy’s procrastination on my Visa. I wanna book my ticket fast fast.
      • Tons of assignments, researches, thesis and exams to come. :S

Owh my God! Tomorrow got Advertising Copywriting class assignment.. And i am only studying what the hell ‘overline’ means.. I can die de.. Sandra! Christine! You guys got study not? I very scared!!!

In the meantime, i am thinking of what to wear to college for the whole week, and whether to bring my laptop or not for 4 hours break day. Haha.. Coz i just got my Valentine’s gift from my lover. Humongous black bag, a sexy Rutgers Sweater, 4 Colgates, oversize Laptop cover, Laptop cooler and a personal sweet, honest and romantic Valentine’s card. But he haven’t receive mine. :[

So depressing right? I am thinking of going to vegetarian. All the animal cruelty is driving me crazy!

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I think we all sama sama die la

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