Hello Kitty


I just got my new debit card from Bank of America!
And it's a Hello Kitty! So cute! :D

And a Hello Kitty cheque book!


8 Responses:

Chew said...

Don't let elaine see this!

elaine said...

stupid chew! u ask me come and see one!

kirstyb said...

i want one x

shereen w said...

soooooo cuteeeeeeee!

Melissa said...

Do they hv Snoopy too?? :-p

Sandra said...

Next They should have one with your own face on it one haha
Hello Mel!

Melanie Ng said...

Sand: The regular ones, can put your picture on it, like an ID.

Mel : they have snoopy i guess! haha.. no charlie brown tho

Shereen & Kirstyb : i know.. that's why i choose Kitty.

Chew & elaine : hhaha.. funny la u both

Tasha said...

babe, be careful with that picture of your routing number and bank acct numbers on ur cheque book. i suggest you mosaic the figures :)

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