When It Comes To An End.... You Move Along


Happy New Year everybody..

I had been very occupied by work and i am always tired coz it has been super busy lately at work.
Anyway, i had a pleasant Christmas with Wankit and his family in Virginia. We stayed over at his Uncle's place.. He's got a very very nice house.

The main hall

View from the main entrance

Main dinning room

In the basement, personal pool table.. That's where everybody hangs out at

Very creative stairs i must say. :D
Then his uncle hosted a Christmas Party.. Let's just let the pictures do the talking.

Just woke up on Christmas morning.. Our first Christmas physically together.

Then we got dressed up to visit the family's memory lane.. The places the used to stayed and work etc..

Chilling out at Starbucks

Then we got home get ready for the party..

The party was a lil boring for young people like us.. So we did our own stuff at the basement.

And i did my karaoke on YouTube.
Reminds me of spending CNY with my family in Malaysia. The cousins will be hanging out in my room making music with whatever we got. But i guess Wankit's cousins are not so musical as mine la.

And i got this for my present exchange game.

Can't wait to use it with the USJ13 people to drinkdrankdrunk!

I feel so outdated when i saw these young people open their presents.

I had a fabulous Christmas with Wankit and his family tho i rather be with my own family. Mummy and Jo was pretty lonely this Christmas coz Peng Ee, Jill and Popo is in Australia on vacation.

I am really glad that this Christmas i get to spend it with Wankit.

Isn't it funny how time flies?
I remember i was bloging and making video about 2008 and now 2009 has come to an end.

2009, was a blast. Let me recall..

  • I planned to come to States to study and i got my visa
  • I lost my job in Starbucks NZX :(
  • I had the best vacation of my life at Redang
  • I bid my goodbyes to my family and friends and i left to States with Wankit.. Very dramatic moment with my family at the airport
  • I started to work in States, work and work and work.
  • My student visa got approved and i enrolled to a college here.
  • I paid my first semester with my own hard earn money.

Man... What a serious year i had? It's all about planning and making an effort for my future with Wankit.

You know what i missed about New Year? Is being with Chew and gang at 1 Utama.. The fireworks is fabulous and beautiful. Kinda miss that kinda countdown.

I remember when i was younger, i always try to convince my mummy that we have to wear new clothes on New Year's Day. Haha...

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2010 is gonna be a great year.. Let's get through it no matter what shit comes, we must get through it.

My resolution for 2010 is, live my life to the fullest with Wankit and make sure i save enough to pay my college. Haha! Cheers!!!


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