Kills Me


My nights has been easier. I don't wake up in the middle of the night thinking about Sand that often, but still do.
I just have to keep myself busy with work all day. Keep on working.. I try not to be alone, coz if i am i will just break down and feel the emptiness in me.
Knowing i will not see you again, knowing i will not hear your voice, knowing i will not eat good food with you, knowing you will not reply all my comments, knowing you will not comment on my pictures and etc, knowing i lost my no.1 stalker in facebook and blog, knowing i can't talk to you again.. It's just madness for me to digest.
I still cannot believe this.
I will try to move on without you, but i am afraid i will not think of you that often. I don't wanna let you go. You are belong in many many chapters of my life. We are meant to be best friends forever with Xtine.
I miss you. I miss looking at you blur face when you did something silly and you know that i am mad.

Can you come back to me please? I really don't know how to move on without you. How can my Sand suddenly been deleted from this earth?

I just can't...

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jacqueline said...

Mel Honey... It's not that easy to forget someone so dear to you... it's good that you are slowly moving on now.... It's a good start and Sand will understand and know that...She will be happy to see you and Christine happy again, though without her it's really hard.... I still can't believe it either.. it's feel REALLY unreal, i know.. But we can't possibly get her back anymore and it's already a fact now... Christine, Wk, auntie and everyone and I love you so much and also Sand, i am sure... she love you more! So be strong there k? and hope to see you soon (although soon means a few years time sumore) but still, hope to see you soon.... Love you mel, and i miss you.


desyong said...

Hey Mel, I know it's very difficult to move on without her. It seems impossible. It will take some time. It's still very hard to believe that she's gone. But I'm sure she wants you to be happy again soon. After all, she always wanted the best for everyone when she was around. Remember, she's in a better place now and she'll be there waiting when our time comes. And Christine and myself will be here in case you need us. Stay strong Mel.

Christine said...

we'll stay strong together okay smelsy? for sand, we will. and we'll never ever forget her. like how sand said, the three of us are best friends forever. hang in there..

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