It's the first day of class today. Yes! I am totally excited and thrilled about going back to books. Actually, i rather study than spending the rest of my day working in the restaurant.

Anyway, it was raining heavily today and the wind is like typhoon. I bought a new turquoise color umbrella for college rainy days use and it didn't helped at all. I was so afraid that the wind might break my umbrella, so i decided to keep it back and get drenched. Was a slight jam on the way to college, so i was rather late for my first class, 'Intro to TV'.

If you are/were a B.Com/ADP HELP student, you would know those 'intro' kinda classes are mostly theories and histories etc based. But in Mercer, i am amazed, shocked, scared, stressed and intimidated at the same time. The class is held in a green screen studio room, with lightings hanging from the ceiling, 3 huge studio camera and a control room. The lecturer said, this class will be project and practical based, no final exam. So we'll be getting our toes in each department such as directing, camera, Anchoring(so worried), lighting and etc in TV production. The thing is, most of my classmates are well experienced with this industry. For example, they hosted in their local high school TV channel, had an internship with the local radio station and is a part time reporter. I felt so intimidating! Where else i was a cameraman in a 8 minute film and i learnt nothing about the camera. =.=

I am so kiasu.. I don't wanna lose to other people. And i am gonna do group project with them. Gosh.. Will they laugh at my accent? Hate this kinda feeling...
Miss my Sandra and Christine so much. I wish they are here with me.

English classes was better. Made some couple of international friends, one from Egypt and a girl from Germany.. She's nice and she speaks super fast. hahaha...

I hope i will enjoy college life like how i did in HELP with Sandra & Christine and bunch.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset.. Must be Sand trying to cheer me up.

Then i started my car, and Toploader's Dancing In The Moonlight played from my i-Pod. That was Sand's ringtone when i first met her at the Bursary, coz i was using the exact ringtone too.
I miss her.

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