Don't Ask Why


I am lost of words.
My boyfriend woke me up when he saw Christine's msn message.
I just couldn't believe it.. I did not cry. It's too hard to believe. I feel like they are playing a prank to lure me back to Malaysia..

I just couldn't let go.
I couldn't believe it.
I felt very comfortable around her.

I still can hear her voice calling out my name.

We had too lil time together but yet, lots of memories together.

She made me feel appreciated as a friend. She is always there in the best year of my life..

This is insane.

I am very hurt and vulnerable.

I am not talking about some other friend i have who passed away. I am talking about a friend i call my best friend. Someone i called a true friend.. Someone is so kind, innocent and pure and down to earth and humble.

I am very hurt. Very very painful..

I wish she can reply all my messages.. All my twits. I wish she never died. I wish this is not true.

I have nothing to say besides i am very hurt and i miss her alot, and there is nothing i can do with it.

This was her ringtone :

"Don't ask why, Before we get too close just let me, Say goodbyeIt's easier this way, Don't ask why, Before you ask the question and I Die Inside, Just let me walk away... "
-Vanessa Hudgens-

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3 Responses:

Anonymous said...

be strong u lotss =P i wish i hung out more with u guys too -resh-

Chloe said...

hey melanie,
stay strong ok? this must be so tough for you..

Karthini said...

Mel! What happened? I don't understand what's going on. Who is it? The friend in the profile picture on facebook? What happened? I'm so sorry =( *hugs*. Wish i could be there to comfort you...

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