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I finally found a lip gloss that suits my skin tone and it’s long lasting..

It’s a brand from US. You can get it at Watsons. There are about 16 different sexy types of colours that suits your personality and style, of course, your skin tone too.

As for me, Salsa Sizzle is the best to bring out my lips.


100_4449 Before

100_4325 After


And it’s colour stay! The colour can last about 8 hours! :D

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Karthini said...

Give up medicine and do archaeology??? Hmm....not gonna happen! Haha..but you know what, ive always been very fascinated by archaeology. I find it very very interesting. But you dont get paid much for all the passion that you put into digging up ancient relics. Thats the sad part....

Oh and i love your lip gloss. It really does suit you. :)

Melanie said...

Haha.. It's for free, if i do the advertorial on my blog. Plus, it's really good. Really colour stay one. But really expensive too for a lip gloss. haha..

Karthini said...

Of course la expensive! But still, i suppose the quality is good so thats all that matters la.Plus you're happy with it what. Haha...

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