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Words done: 363/2000 words
Remark: I’m only at introduction. Now gotta continue on my drawing de.

I am doing 2 assignments at once now. Was suppose to go The Curve to support Sern Kia for his cheerleading competition. But… :(

I am suppose to do my assignment but my mind is wondering around.. Somewhere..

Suddenly i miss my friends, The Dreamers.

Was so happy that Wan Hui called last night for dinner, but then, they couldn’t make it de. :(

Suddenly i really wanna sit down with them and pour my feelings and catch up with them. I do miss them, alot.

Suddenly, i start to miss this girl.


She seems like she’s having lots of fun in Russia. Her hair is so long de. It seems like i haven’t seen her in ages.


She said she’ll come to NJ to find me when i’m there. I can’t wait. Owh wait! I’m not even in NJ yet. :( Probably won’t be able to see her so soon.

When i think of this girl, it will lead me to this another girl.

270407 015

Miss hanging out at her place after school. I miss eating her cooking.. She’s a rocker. Both of them are. I guess, i hung out alot with them for almost 2 years, that’s why i miss them so much. When i’m bored at home, i will just ring them up for yumcha. And i kinda miss Juivy’s old sexy and manly Audi car. We’re the Perling girls..

I miss you girls..

But life gotta go on..


So i fell in love with this new software.

Evernote! It is a very good organizer if you are a blogger or a student who just wanna do your damn research and cite it! This is the one to use. Go browse through all the webby and whatever crap and save it ALL in Evernote. When you do your essay, just refer back to Evernote, it’s got everything inside.


I’m doing my research on Podcasting. Haha..

I haven’t even finish my drawings on the storyboard that i lost in the futsal court last Sunday. :( Wasted all my effort. But i can finish it by tomorrow. I just wanna do some of this assignment coz it’s 2000 words!!!! Don’t worry Christine, i’ll finish it in time.

Then i start to miss this person when he is asleep coz i was busy doing my researches.


I know he misses me too. Really glad he’s in my life.. I feel so bad for not able to accompany him this whole week.

And i think i need more music but before i get more songs in my iTunes, i really seriously need to organize my iTunes. All those oldies i got from Sandra’s daddy, is occupying too much of my hard disk space. So i gotta delete some that i don’t like. Too much of oldies, turns my hair grey.

At the meantime, Wankit is gonna download for me Sister Hazel’s songs! So nice weh! Check this track out!

It was featured in Scrubs too.. So nice..

I am dreaming. Dreaming of the day i am with him again. Dreaming of me and him States. A new life. You might be thinking, why i wanna leave my family behind and all? Honestly, i am pretty sick of this life. I don’t wanna live this way. I am without my family now. I am independent. I don’t always go home. I am used to it. Of coz i do miss home and all. I think it’s better to have him around when i am struggling. I’m all alone now. I don’t wanna be alone. I miss him alot. I guess it’s really time for me to want to be independent from my mummy. And i really want him to be in my life.

So i am just waiting for this…


.. then i’ll be more happier. I wanna control my life.. But this, i really need my mummy to help me first before i can control my life.

It was psychologist, fashion designer, interior designer, web designer.. But i was no where close to it. I had a tough time figuring out what i want to do after Sec 5. Then i was in Mass Com at HELP. I hate to admit this, but Zan actually made me really interested in broadcasting. Then i found what i wanna do.. Broadcasting. So Broadcasting is what i wanna pursue in States. I hope i will find a better chance for me to learn and explore there.

OWH! So sweet of V and N for taking the initiative to get to know each other’s interest after an argument. Reminds me of us..


But poor C, got a new competitor, C. B, love the old C. Old C’s just stupid at the moment. Now Yale is over and C’s coming back to you, why ruin it with the new one? Love C!


and.. I miss home.

I need to stop thinking and continue with my work.

Haha.. I know i am random.

My iTunes is rotting!

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