One Year of Happiness Together



Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Never thought we could come this far. Long distance relationship isn’t an easy thing to commit yourself into, but i am sure it is gonna end soon. We’ve been together for only 1 year, but we’re still counting on.

I wanna thank you for being such a great great boyfriend to me, dote on me, care for me, commit to our relationship with your whole heart, share with me your happiness and sadness, made me a better person than i was, truly devoted to me, forgives me whenever i made silly mistakes, be there for me when i needed someone, helped me throughout the toughest time of my life, always made me feel wanted, respect me and love me, even we are miles and miles, super duper miles apart.

I know this 1 year journey has been a tough one. Just have faith, and this will end soon. Then soon, we’ll have what we had last Summer, except that this time, we’ll have classes, jobs and financial difficulties. I’m sure we can overcome it. Just don’t let me shop too much ok? :] People thinks we’re crazy, but what do they know about us?

I don’t think i will ever find someone who can take all my nonsense and crap like you do. Thanks for always being there, in front of the web cam with me, hear all my craps and give me the best advise and give me all the love that no one can feel and express through the small lil screen. You’re such an amazing guy, really really glad and proud that you are mine.

I do not care that i am 20 years old and i am committing myself to a man that has no guarantee that i am gonna spend my whole life with. If i ever give up on you for freedom for lust, i would be a fool. Because it’s never too young to fall in love.. Especially for a man like you.

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Christine said...


Jeremy said...

congrats... =)

karthini said...

You deserve him. Plainly put..hope you guys have many many more anniversaries ahead! :)

Anonymous said...

One cloud!
Hahaha anyway whatever that I wanna say, the three people before me already did
Just wanna tell you that I love you too Smelsy!

Melanie said...

thank you.thank you.thank you.thank you.

i'm very blessed.

sandra: stay away from my wankit ok! i will pull ur hair out and slap you!! and! and! and ah! i will dig your nose and hit your tummy like a drum!

sayang said...

awwww. thats so loving n sweet... i trully whole heartedly wish u guys all the best n may the day u guys be together come faster!!! bless u!

Mae said...

Congrats on your 1st Anniversary.

Be happy always and stay strong!

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