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Those who really knows me, i suck in Math terribly. I am even worst than the Americans. So i just sat for my college placement test. The course that i am doing doesn't really require much maths knowledge. So it ain't really that important, still, i was pretty nervous. Coz once you pass the Algebra part, they will proceed you to the College Level, which those Sets, Log, Tangens, Kotangens and those Add Maths crap that i learnt and almost flunk everytime 4 years ago. Really nervous!

In the end, i got through the Algebra test and they put me through the College level test.

I was like.... =.= die.

So the only solutions that i could come out with was...



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Sandra said...

Did you revise properly before go for the test or not?
We studied in BM leh

Melanie Ng said...

I did.. But i gave up. Haha. Too much to learn

jacqueline said...

Finally~ i can post comments here....=D before this i need to verify and all the shit...hahaa......anyways, you pass d right? i am sure you'll have a good math tutor with you there..;D

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