Sern Sern


This green tea cake is made especially to a dear friend of Wankit & i. It's my first time frosting a cake, so it looks a little retarded. We would like to wish Wern Sern a happy 21st birthday and hope he can find happiness like what Wankit & i have. All the best in his studies and rock on. Owh! And don't be so gay.

Haha! I missed a 'st' on the 21!

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4 Responses:

Chew said...

So sweet r. Wk's 1st picture like very reluctant to wish wern sern, hahaha damn funny.

Melanie Ng said...

Haha.. very nice le the cake.. next time i see u, i bake for u k..

Sandra said...

I want a cake tooooo
Eh a bit the unfair for Chew right
You only bake for him when you see him
Now you are not seeing Wern Sern also you baked one
Are you gonna bake one for me huh?

Melanie Ng said...

sern also didn't get to eat ma,

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