Be Strong

Dear Lord,

This is my first trip back to home ever since i started my course. Everything ain't the same anymore. It's very heart breaking going home.. I wish there is something that i can do to help.
My Lord, please bless my extremely nice aunty, whom i love, who loves everyone of us too, who is unable to live like normal temporarily. Please speed her recovery as soon as possible.. Really hurts to see her condition right now. Was controlling my tears from falling when i first saw her after her admission to the hospital. Mighty Jesus, give my Aunty Vivian the strength and courage to recover, and be strong.

Next, is my lil precious sister. I always miss her laughter and her accompany whenever i wanna hang out alone(not exactly alone). Lord, please remind her to study and do well in her finals. Please give her the wisdom that i never had and achive something better than me academicly. Lord, please guide her to the right path in life, keep her safe from harm because i won't be able to protect her while i'm so far from her. And remind her that jie jie misses her and loves her tho i don't say it often to her.

Almighty Jesus, please bless my popo with health, happiness and longevity. It's hard on her to see her own daughter falling ill. Must have hurt her heart alot. Dear Jesus, please giver her the strength and love every single day.

Most of all, i wanna pray for my noble and lovely mummy who sacrifice so much for the family and taking care of her sister unconditionally. Jesus, please give her the power and strength to help Aunty Vivian recover from her stroke. Also protect my mummy with the Holy Spirits whenever she travels to visit and feed Aunty Vivian at the nursing home. Oh i love this women, i hope the best for her. Please pull her through this tough time of her life.. Please pull through this tough tough time that my family is going through right now. It really hurts me to see them like this.

And the rest of the relatives in the southern region, please do your part as a sibling too. My mummy can't bare this burden alone.. Please care for Aunty Vivian too..
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