Back On Track

After the whole week of drama with my mummy and daddy, finally decided to stay and be a good girl to study. But definitely, my heart is still somewhere with a guy named Chow Wankit.

Finally did my Econs presentation but only got 9 marks over 10. :S
I know, i suck. Hehe.. My topic was, "How Demand and Supply Affects Inflation During Festive Seasons". After a discussion with my personal econs advisers, Lou Kong, Jillian & Ah Teik, i finally finish my slide. 3 slide only. Haha.

After working for so many days in Starbucks NZX, finally after today, for the first time, i'm having a 1 week break. Coz i'm spending my weekend with my GIRLS at Port Dickson! I can't wait.. Like a retreat. :D

But while waiting this weekdays to pass, i got a 1000 words resume to complete. Crazy! What can i write about? Wish me luck on this assignment!

My closing partner at Starbucks NZX
It's my dad's bday yesterday, so here i am, wishing him a belated birthday. Regardless of what has happened.

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Karthini said...

Aha! Finally get to see you in your Starbucks gear! Lol..must wear cap ah? And im glad that you feel better this week. Thats great! :)

And you're complaining about getting 9 marks out of 10 for your Econs presentation?? You're mad! Seriously! Heehee..just think of it this way, im sure your lecturer thinks you're good coz ppl who are good rarely get full matks, only something close to the full marks! haha..

And you're going to PD?! Thats cool! You deserve the break anyway! Hope you have a blast and be careful yeah? :)

Melanie said...

but the rest of my friends got 10! :(
dun worry thini, i will take care of myself. when u wanna come n find me?!

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