Starving Raya


Happy Raya to all my muslim mates.

As it is Raya, my store is closed for 2 days starting from today. 
So nice huh? I can finally be alone and do my assignments(x4). But the sad part is, Aunt and family is in JB. Mamak is closed. Super market is closed. And i didn't have lunch. I really really wanna eat at NZX but takan lah eat alone. So now i'm waiting for my plain porraige to be cook and eat it with the beef stock. Haih.. I miss home where i have everything for me to cook. I miss cooking for myself and Lou Kong. Really really sick of this life.


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Luc said...

you nuts a all the best to me? lol. I'll try smuggle some fruitcake if there are still some left for you k!

Karthini said...

Aww Mel..i feel so sorry for you! Ugh..its no fun that you cant be at home during this holiday period. Even sadder to hear what you have to eat. Geez...but do try to eat properly yeah? Thats important. Im already in jb. Hope you have a great rest and good luck with getting all your work done :) Miss you...

Melanie said...

Dar: Thanks!!!

Thini: dun worry thini. u're in jb for good de? i miss u..

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