Birthday Wish


I have a very practical boyfriend. So, i get to choose what i want for my birthday. At first, i wanted a Burberry bag. :D
But come to think about it, it's fucking expensive weh.
So i degraded my wish to an UGG boots!

If i get a chance to have a party here with my friends, i would wear these. Beautiful huh?

Fantasy Birthday by melanies featuring Kg shoes

Items in this set:
Gryphon coat, $346 dress, 139 CAD
Kg shoes, 160 GBP
Christian Louboutin clutch, 1.048 EUR
Jenni Kayne earrings, $2,500

I wish my mummy will be here on time to celebrate 21 years of me in her life.

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4 Responses:

sandrawong said...

Wah Mel, your taste super expensive now weh
Surely it's because the price there damn cheap compared to here one lah right
Anyway, I lurve that dress!
Especially the top part!
And that trench coat
Omgosh man
I can imagine wearing that dress and trench coat together already
When both on 99% off, buy for me okay
I can pay you back HAHAHAHAHAHA

Christine said...

i wish i could celebrate your 21st with you too. :(

Melanie Ng said...

Sand : it's cheaper here eh things. but the burberry bag ah, heart pain la if spend all at 1 bag. :( so nvm lo. get more boots!

Xtine: i know.. i miss u both. wish u guys were here

Anonymous said...

if i were u i will totally forget the boots n buy those heels in the pic so nice =)even more since bf paying for it =)

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