Meatball Tears


Finally i got a chance to go to Ikea. Wankit was in a good mood today. :D But it was raining.. So the journey there was kinda dangerous.

Smells like Ikano. :D
This Ikea is right next to Newark airport. So if the plane loose control there are at least 40% it will crash into Ikea. :( Then New Jersey got no more Meatballs!

The first time i take a bite, i was almost in tears. Reminiscing the memories in Ikano with Sand, Xtine & sometimes Jacq.. So nice. And it's $4.99 for 15 balls! Add $1 get 5 more extra!!! SANDRA!!! CHRISTINE!! Damn good deal huuh?!

Was sitting next to the window..

Can see all the air planes land like every 5-10 minutes.. Haha..

Sedap.. So satisfying. :D

Their checkouts are all self-checkouts.. And they DON'T HAVE PLASTIC OR PAPER BAGS!!! So we hand carried all of our goods to the car. =.=

Anyway, i tried making French Onion soup last night. It was a success! Just ignore the burn tho, the owen's fault.

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Sandra said...

HAHAHAHAHA 40% for the plane to crash and 40% NJ no meatballs!
I can't stop laughing lah Mel!!
Really good deal eh!
I can imagine Xtine crying there scolding herself for eating so much

Don't cry lah
Not say we won't see each other again what!
Cheer up!
Wan Kit is there :)))
And guess what, Mel?
I'm making myself eat beef these days
It sucks lah when friends go eat beef then I just stare and look
And I love your boots!
So niceeeee!
Stupid hot Malaysia!
We cannot wear in here lah

Eh that thing does not look like soup
Looks like a lot of kupang

Chew said...

haha, i just came back from Ikea too.

Do you know that meatball is like instant noodle for sweddish? Every household must have, and the real 1 is with steam potato not mash potato.

Wah it look exactly like the ikea here.

Melanie Ng said...

sand :the top of the soup is baked cheese on a piece of french loaf bread.. it's very nice.

Chew: i think all ikea the same look wan.. even Stockholm airport smells like ikea too.. :D meat balls!

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