What If He Really Makes Me Happy?


So i was feeling kinda happy today so i tried wearing leggings in 9 degrees Celsius. Crazy! I know!

Haha.. I look so un-ready to snap a picture.

Anyway, I went to college to do some administration stuff today. So snap some pictures for you guys to see see. By the way, i'll be starting classes this Spring 2010! :D So don't worry about me. everything is great now.

Haha... Like ghost!

This was taken outside of our house.

Leaves are falling really fast. So all those Halloween cards and decos with the bald trees are actually real and true. Most of the trees are going bald now.

Then we headed to Jackson's Premium Outlet to go get snow boots for Wankit.
Wanted to get a Coach Wallet. It was on sales and all but i saw the one that is similar to the design i wanted, but it's those bigger kind, cost like $200.
This is the design that i want!

Probably will get one for myself on my birthday if no one get it for me. Huhu..

It gets darker sooner than before the day light savings, even at 5pm. =.=
So sien.
Anyway, did i tell you guys how much i love false eye lashes now? Never really dare to use it when i was in Malaysia but Fei inspired me to use it, coz she looks fabulous in it.

Nice huh?
I like it so much! It's easier than wearing contact lenses. But i don't wear this often. I only put falsie once a week coz apparently apply mascara too often and false eye lashes too often will make your eyelashes go bald soon. I know some living examples..

I'm being such a vain pot today.
I took pretty lots of self-shot today. Haha..

This picture is to let you guys know i am still me, Melanie, a lil lala~

Then the boyfriend came choking me coz i am being too lala~

:D I ❤ him to the core!

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2 Responses:

jacqueline said...

i like ur TOP!!!! eeee....so jealous...i want to wear boots!!!*CRY* Why cannot wear fake eye lashes here ler? i dun think you need tho.... ur eyes is nice on its own d.. no need anything else..haha... eye liner is sufficient... I like that first leave picture... and the one wankit choking you, its really a lil creepy and i mean the way u look..hahaa....Its so cold here in MY too...been raining and shining hot sun..bad weather...take care there Mel, miss you. =D

Anonymous said...

hey mel so glad u starting uni oso soon =)
cant wait to hear all ur stories oso =)
n u look nice with the lashes n love the wk choking u pic..looks mega halloween la =)
n actually u didnt look lala at all in ur pics la..in stead prettier which im sure me sandy chris all jealous about =) miss ya <3 -resh-

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