I Wish It All Go Away


Checking out Christine’s pictures on Facebook. She is having so much fun. Everything seems fine, but i know, she feels the same way that  i do too.

After so many months, i still find myself feeling vulnerable towards the fact that, i no longer can see Sand.

I cried when i was watching the trailer of Charlie St.Cloud with the song, Run by Snow Patrol, playing at the background.

It hits me so hard that i couldn’t careless if i was in the cinema alone with fulhouse of people waiting to watch Eclipse.

When will i get over her? She is always with me.

It is so hard to actually get a friend like her. Someone i feel very comfortable with. Someone you can share everything with. Even her weaknesses does pissed you off sometimes, you will always find it adorable and easily forgivable.


I miss her.


I feel like a loser sometimes who can’t face reality.


Well, maybe, she is my reality. I really love her..


And sometimes, i might be a little scared to talk to Christine. Brings back those memories. I am glad she found new great friends, and i am glad that she is happy.


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