Detestable Summer


I know i had been complaining the unbearable heat here in Jersey, i am still gonna complain. The heat is gonna give me a heat stroke soon.

Last summer when i first came, there was really greeny grass and lots of greeny trees around, duh, Jersey the Garden State. This summer, the grass are light brownish! What a total eye sore! The heat is unbearable, the sun is burnable, this summer is detestable. I am so hating this summer.


Honestly, i rather freeze myself during winter, at least i can put on more clothes and BOOTS! And it’s more fun to layer your clothes.

Now summer is just the lesser the better, pretty routine i must say, tanks, shorts and flip flops.


Uggh! Kill me! I just hope this Wednesday’s weather in Philadelphia will be cooling. COZ I’LL BE WATCHING MANCHESTER UTD SUMMER TOUR! Awesome!! Too bad Wayne Rooney will not be coming.. :(


I can’t wait!


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jacqueline said...

put more sun block and drink more k? =D have fun watching Man U's tour! i so wanna be there!!!=S

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