Was on the way home and i heard Vertical Horizon’s Best I Ever Had.. It really reminds me of all of the pain and recovery of break ups.

A friend of mine is going through a very heartbreaking break up. As a friend, i feel sorry for her and wanna keep her strong, but another part of me, really feel the pain she is feeling.

The heartbreaks that really broke me was with, Alif, Shawn, Jack and Ethan.

Boy, it hurts like mad!

I remembered once i was at Citiplaza celebrating my 17th birthday and i was a little tipsy. And there Jack was, and there Best I Ever Had was playing.. He was there to comfort me when i was crying because of our break up. I was the one who dumped him, why was i feeling sad? I just felt really really sad that night. I could say, the worst birthday ever, tho my RDs gave a Simple Plan Live Album. Used to be my favourite band; how embarrassing? So there we were, 2 person in love, just couldn’t be together. The pain… Really a painful one.

Of coz, i moved on the next day. :D


I guess, i never would wanna feel that pain anymore. I hope i never will from now.


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kid wong said...

well, you will not! you have a boyfriend who loves you so much :)

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