I am not a big fan of American designed shoes, mainly the shoes here in Jersey. If it's not too ugly, it's too expensive. I really miss Vinci. Afordable yet stylish!

I was shopping around with the boyfriends mummy after lunch and Penang and I found these 2! Cheap and not bad looking! Plus, my size!

Gold girly flats! Just what I need for summer..

Fergelicious by Fergie shoe! $10 only!

Saw one booty that cost $30! But it's nice and comfortable.. Love it alot! And I can wear it during winter too.. But it's way out of my budget!

Really hate this summer.. So hot! Humid! It's even worst than Malaysia.. I can't wait for Fall to come. I miss college.
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desyong said...

Miss Vinci huh? haha.. Well, at least you found a pair of shoes for $10. That's dirt cheap in the US.

Melanie Ng said...

Eheh.. like you know about vinci. :p
anyway, i saw this beautiful heels here, and it freaking cost $80!!! OMG!

desyong said...

Haha..of course I know about Vincci la..$80?? Better off not buying it. Can save the money for something else. =)

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